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Meth Testing for Home or Commercial Residence

Meth Testing




Did you know there are meth dangers to consider prior to buying or renting a home, apartment, commercial building, land with buildings, or a car?

Protect your loved ones from the dangers of meth residue! Contact us for your meth testing services!




Authorities estimate that tens of thousands of homes and buildings have been contaminated by toxic chemicals each year from meth smoking and erection of labs. Meth can be found in any neighborhood, regardless of social, socio-economic, and ethnic composition. Meth is now considered one of the most widely used drugs next to Marijuana, with the residue left behind dangerous to everyone's health. Meth clean-up is not covered by most insurance companies, with the cost of clean-up being YOUR responsibility. These costs run into thousands of dollars; or where some homes have been contaminated to the point of total demolition of homes and buildings.

Contamination from meth labs penetrate anything that is porous; from carpets, walls, ceilings, furniture, and toys, to decor and duct work, which can remain in the home or building for years. The residue and spills left behind, from meth causes many health problems in unsuspecting individuals who are unaware that someone had smoked meth or a lab had existed in or around their property. Children especially are susceptible from exposure to this harmful substance, and death has occurred in some infants.

Known health problems that have been incurred from meth contamination are:

  • Disorders in the reproduction system and birth defects
  • Brain, nervous system and kidney failure
  • Digestive and respiratory problems
  • Deep painful soars, liver damage and cancer



Many individuals are not aware of the facts when buying a used car that that car may have been used to erect what is called 'Mobile' or 'Shake & Bake Labs' or meth had been smoked in it.

Drug users make their own meth in small batches using a faster, cheaper and much simpler method with ingredients that can be carried in a knapsack and mixed on the run. The "Shake-&-Bake" approach has become popular in this recent decade because it requires a relatively small number of pills of the decongestant pseudoephedrine.

Because this particular formula used does away with the clutter of typical home labs, the back seats of the cars can be turned into a restroom stall like a makeshift drug factory, and made while driving down the road.

Meth residue filters through seats, carpet, heating vents, up under the dash and into anything that is porous. This endangers anyone and everyone driving the car, passengers, and those buying the car after the fact. It is always wise to know who the vehicle belonged to prior to purchase. If you even have a small inkling that the car had you plan to purchase had a peculiar smell from meth smoked in it or a ‘Shake & Bake’ Lab; taking early precautions is only a wise move on your part. The cost to have the car tested is generally under $100 and well worth the test for you and your loved ones.



We come to the home, apartment, outbuilding, or commercial building, and perform formal testing in suspected or potential areas of the building(s). We send the swabs tested to a nationally accredited lab, and receive accurate results in generally 5 to 6 days. An additional fee may apply for a detached garage or other building(s) on the same property subsequent to testing the main building.

Meth Testing Specifics

  • Receive a certificate of pass or fail with the address tested, rooms and areas tested, date and date of test, and any visuals the tester observes.
  • A copy of the lab report with levels of contamination from a nationally accredited lab.
  • Photos are taken, and if the test proves positive (failed test); you also receive the photos of the areas tested and rooms and areas tested.
  • A referral packet from certified professionals with those who specialize in meth clean-up We will also testify in court if applicable.