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Merit Mobile DNA Services



DNA Paternity Tests



Need a paternity test with results you can afford and rely on as a legal document?

Then a Legal DNA Test must be performed.


 There are many reasons for a legal DNA court admissible test:      

• Birth Certificate

• Court Order • Will & Estate
• Child Custody • Adoption • Immigration

• Child Support

• Tax Forms

• Other Legal Reasons



Our DNA Services

Merit Mobile Drug Testing Services applies the same stringent quality control for DNA testing that is applied to forensic cases, as well as keen focus on customer service.  We are obliged to be the company of choice in the paternity arena for legal firms, government agencies, members of the medical profession, and general public.  We pride ourselves in the professional and ethical manner in which we manage the often complex and sensitive issues of paternity, grandparents, and all other DNA testing.

All tests are operated under an AABB Accredited Laboratory, which utilizes above marker testing standards, and ensures fast processing time with precise, accurate results. We are DOT certified for Drug, Alcohol, home meth testing, and a DNA Distributor and collector.  All of our DNA tests are swab tests, all tests are court admissible, and we will testify in court for you should a TPA (Third Party Administrator) be required.

Merit Mobile Drug Testing is a mobile unit for your convenience and drives to the designated location of your choice for both the child and the alleged father,  or person's needing the DNA tests, which means you don’t have to sit in a testing facility.  The tests are simple, affordable, and insure you receive accurate results from an accredited lab in 4 to 5 days.  Exceptions for a longer time frame for results include weekends and holidays.


How DNA Testing Works

In a standard legal proceedings a paternity test of the alleged father, child, and sometimes the mother are tested using swab test samples from the cheek. A ‘Legal’ DNA paternity test not only requires accurate test results but also requires the proof of identity of each person who has participated in the test. The DNA samples are collected using buccal swabs samples that are painless, and accurate. The marker DNA patterns of the child are matched with those of the alleged father and mother if necessary. If a statistical confidence of 95% or more is achieved, the participating father and mother are taken as the biological parents of the child. In legal paternity issues, sampling is often done by trained, third party professionals.

Merit Mobile DT Services uses the "Cheek Swab" Tests only and does not perform blood samples prior to the birth of a child. A buccal swab is soft and resembles a large Q-Tip. It is used to collect a sample of cheek cells by simply rubbing the inside of the cheeks. It is as accurate as blood, as the DNA is the same. A person should, however, abstain from drinking coffee for a few hours before taking a sample, and smokers should rinse and brush their cheeks with a toothbrush before swabbing.  Providing there is no complications of any kind, DNA results are generally completed within 3 to 5 working days (et. Monday – Friday). Our prices are the best in the area, accurate, and completed in just a few days.  We also offer our services for testimony in court if requested by you, your attorney, or the judge.


Those Who Can Also Be DNA Tested

Siblings, Aunts and Uncles, and Grandparents are sometimes a factor in determining the DNA (80% & up on DNA proof for grandparents) in some situations where legal custody of the child needs verified. Sometimes due to separation of children in foster homes and or change of guardianship, later in life, siblings want to find each other.  This is an excellent way to prove you are truly blood related.

Infidelity Testing occurs when a spouse or significant other has suspected the need to prove infidelity in the relationship and or in court proceedings. A DNA test can be very effectively in determining whether the other partner has been unfaithful in the relationship. Once the reference sample is received, the DNA is extracted from both the semen detection sample and the reference sample. DNA profiles are then obtained and a comparison of the genetic systems are analyzed and interpreted. A report is issued that will either exclude the parties in question or include with an inclusion probability. Articles that may be used for this process is undergarments, bed or bath linens, pantyhose or other types of clothing.


Requirements For DNA Testing

  • All our DNA Tests are court admissible. and fulfills all requirements with authentic seal for court cases, pending court cases, or for future use of proof
  • Photo ID, Plus a copy of the ID is required for all adults, & court order if applicable
  • Must bring most recent photo of the child to be tested along w/BC or SS card - Required for testing
  • Price include Testing Technician to testify in court if requested
  • Under normal circumstances, results received within 4/5 days (exceptions are week ends and holidays)


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