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Merit Mobile Drug Testing Services is an exclusive 24 hour on-site drug & alcohol testing service to assist small and large businesses, organizations, and individuals in managing their personal and corporate drug and alcohol testing programs. We can help you reduce program costs and automate compliance management. We are dedicated to providing clients with superior onsite support and services. Our goal is to offer quick and reliable testing so that company resources will run more efficiently, effectively, and safely. With our fantastic specialized database and random pool selection, we have the ability to randomly select employees in an honest, secure and confidential manner that is DOT compliant.  


Merit Mobile Drug Testing Services understands that time and money are two of the most critical concerns of every company and organization. When sending individuals to a clinic for drug or alcohol tests; companies not only lose production and generally pay for the employees and many times supervisor wages while at a facility. With our ability to be on your premises via mobile, companies can avoid the cost of paying employee wages going to and from the facility, and the liabilities that are associated with it. The average time away to an off-site clinic is 2.25 hours. We bring the necessary alcohol breathalyzer, drug testing equipment, and hair follicle tests in a completely self-contained van to your specified location to conduct all necessary collections. Therefore, having an employee away from their post takes no longer than a coffee break. Our professional drug testing services go on location 24/7, is fast and convenient, and the opportunity to take advantage of huge company savings.


For DOT Drug & Alcohol testing, we use the very best certified accredited labs and professional MRO's for processing. We work with TPA Services (Third Part Administrators) for companies who utilize TPA's and Consortiums; which generally supply the testing kits, CCF’s, lab results and MRO’s. In these cases, we adjust and reduce our prices to collectors fees only, to ensure you receive the best possible rates.  

We are currently affiliated with DISA, AWSI, PIPELINE, FIRST LAB, HIRE RITE, GLOBAL SAFETY NETWORK, EDPM, FLEET SCREEN, MINERT & ASSOCIATES, FIRST ADVANTAGE, ALERE, ALLIANCE, E-SCREEN, US DRUG TESTING SERVICES, DATCS, EXAM ONE, 24/7 Onsite, and other TPA's.  If you utilize different TPA, than we have listed, we can also connect with them as well.